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What Happens When the People of God Fight Each Other?
Two political parties with different worldviews vie for the majority of voters so that they can make their platform mainstream, while inside this struggle of worldviews resides two radically different viewpoints of Christianity, usually distinguished as either conservative or liberal.  Both groups see themselves as the people of God, followers of Jesus Christ.  Nonetheless, they violently disagree about who should lead the government and what the governing philosophy should be.  Click the title for more.
The War Between the People of God in the Bible

Israel against a tribe of Israel, both the covenant people of God.  Who was right?  What was the result?  Click the title for more.

Whose Side Was God On?
The established government, the national majority, a tiny minority?  Click the title for more.

Christians at War With Each Other?

In the New Testament.  Really?

The Church in Council, Working Through its Disagreements

The Church resolving tense issues of disagreement.  It really happened.  Click the text for more.

Jesus vs. Religious and Racial Tensions

The Muslim travel ban, anti-Semitism flare-ups, KKK resurgence, White-Supremacist rekindling, Black Lives Matter emergence, reactionary street demonstrations: what does it all mean and where is it headed? What is the appropriate Christian response to the racial division that continues to be a major concern in the USA? How should Christians react to Muslims?  Click the title for more.

Episode 1 – At the Well

Jesus shows the way.  Click the title for more.

Episode 2 -- Near the Border
Jesus displays a completely different mindset from hateful and violent religious nuts.
Episode 3 -- On the Border
Jesus returns to the border and helps an "enemy."
Episode 4 -- Practicing "Love Your Neighbor"
Jesus beautifully explains the application of the law of love and shows racial and religious bigots that they are wrong.
Capitalism or Socialism?    
Did God ordain one of these to be the economic system for humanity, and what role does the Church have?

Definitions and Basic QuestionsWhat are capitalism and socialism?  What does the Bible say about them?

Genesis -- Early Humanity's Story
What did God institute or allow in early human economy?  Did He prefer Capitalism or Socialism?
Israel's Story
What does the Old Testament reveal about the economic system in God's chosen covenant nation, Israel?
The New Testament and the 'isms
What does the New Testament say, especially to those who believe in and follow Jesus Christ, about the 'isms?
The Church and the 'isms
What is the role of the Church in the world today?  Is it to promote one of the 'isms?
A Biblical Answer to America’s Racial Divide
Are America's problems new, or is there a precedent that can enlighten about racial division?
1. Justice, Judgment, and Reconciliation God's Way
What does the story of Jacob's sons, Joseph and his brothers, say that can guide the USA today?
2. Implications to American History and Current Events
Does the Bible have anything to teach us about the Civil War, the Civil Rights movement, and today's racial division?
3. The Effect on American Christianity
How does the racial divide affect the Church and what is the Church's role?

4. Resolution and Reconciliation

How can Christians apply the Bible in finding a solution to Church division in America and helping the nation?


Two Wings of the Same Bird

How can American Christians on the two politically opposing extremes work together?